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Teri joined Spur in 2004 bringing over 16 years of accounting and financial analysis expertise. Just prior to joining Spur, she spent several years in various part-time and contract positions in all aspects of accounting and database designs.  Previously, she managed the financial reporting, planning and analysis functions at Mapco NGL and prior to that at Occidental Chemical Corporation. In these roles, she was responsible for producing consolidated financial statements as well as planning and forecasting future financial results. She worked closely with the operations group to understand the current business and changing market conditions and provided analysis to support ongoing operations.

Teri has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Oklahoma University and a Master of Business Administration from Rice University. She lives in Bartlesville, OK with her husband and three daughters.

“When considering the cost of locating, selecting, accessing, negotiating, and monitoring venture capital relationships, a fund-of-funds manager becomes a cost effective way to gain exposure to top-tier venture capital funds and diversify out some of the inherent risk.”

Teri Hightower - CFO/CCO